CSG's Shared Power Towers to Enable 5G Development

信息來源:  發布時間2019-08-14

Dongguan - Recently, the CSG Dongguan Power Supply Bureau has finished the construction of the first batch of shared towers, namely, installing base stations on electricity tower. Now these towers are to undergo signal tests by communications companies.

Meanwhile, equipment rooms for communications are under construction near those towers. Once put into operation, these rooms would meet the demand for communications of various levels including 5G.

Shared-tower model is aimed at comprehensively reusing existing power transmission infrastructure by installing communications equipment such as optical cables, base stations and antennae on electricity towers.

In March, 2018, the Yunnan Power Grid Company of CSG and the Yunnan Subsidiary of China Tower Corporation signed a contract of shared towers. As the very first strategic partnership of its kind between a provincial power grid company and a provincial tower company in China, it marked the transition of shared towers from trial operation to a larger scale of promotion.

At the same time, the testing of the cooperative trial project of shared tower conducted by the two companies’ subsidiaries in Hainan Province was completed.

Since 5G base stations require high intensity in construction, it is necessary to expand their layout by integrating them with electricity towers.

Grid companies have to verify the loads, stresses, and wind pressure of the towers according to their geographical locations to ensure power safety and communications signal coverage.

The companies also need to calculate and analyze the electromagnetic fields of power lines with different voltages, considering both technical theories and parameters of the communications infrastructure. The results showed that electromagnetic fields of power lines would not affect communications equipment.

The adoption of shared towers realized more efficient use of towers and enriched the functions of electricity towers; it also reduced the construction costs for 5G base stations, saved land resources by avoiding the construction of new towers for base stations and thus contained the impact on environment.

In a word, it reflects the new vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development, and is part of the strategy to strengthen China through networks.

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