Senior Staff of Chile’s Transelec Visits CSG Headquarters

信息來源:  發布時間2019-08-12

Guangzhou - It is good to meet with old friends.

Clearly so as Mr. Cao Zhi’an, President and Board Director of China Southern Power Grid served as host to a visiting delegation from Santiago, Chile led by Ms. Brenda Eaton, Board Chairwoman of Transelec, Chile’s largest electric transmission company.

Transelec is the main transmission company in Chile and is owned by a consortium of companies, including China Southern Power Grid International.

Mr. Bi Yaxiong, Deputy General Manager of CSG, also attended the meeting and held in-depth, private exchanges with Ms. Eaton and her colleagues on topics such as Transelec’s future development and international business expansion.

Mr. Cao welcomed Ms. Eaton and her colleagues to the headquarters of China Southern Power Grid and said, “the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core would adhere to reform and opening-up, opening China’s door even wider and improving business environment”.

In addition, Mr. Cao promised that CSG would give full play to its ”technological advantages as well as management experience to project forward the cooperation of all shareholders in the support the development of Transelec”.

Mr. Cao also expressed his hopes for further cooperation in new areas with all shareholders to achieve solid development for both sides.

During the meeting, Mr. Bi urged Transelec’s senior management team to consider “both business development and shareholders’ interests”.

He expressed his willingness to, “further strengthen cooperation with all shareholders and to leverage Transelec as an important platform to expand investment in and cooperation with South American enterprises”.

Mr. Bi also advised all shareholders to, “seek out opportunities for cooperation in areas such as management of the pension fund”.

Ms. Eaton expressed her gratitude to China Southern Power Grid for its support and made an introduction to Transelec’s blueprint for future development.

Mr. Andrés Kuhlmann Jahn, Chief Executive Officer of Transelec, gave a brief overview of the power market in Chile and Transelec’s business operations and recent priorities. He also noted that Transelec would, “actively learn from China Southern Power Grid in vibrant technologies such as UHVDC power transmission and deepen exchanges and cooperation for sustainable development of Transelec”.

Mr. Scott Lawrence, Board Chairman-designate of Transelec and Managing Director, Head of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Fund’s infrastructure program, also introduced the relevant business of the CPPIB.

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